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Thread: Do you like Brand New (the band)

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    Default Do you like Brand New (the band)

    Not sure if this is the super correct forum for this (it's argueable what genre, rock or alt/indie)

    But I love Brand New. They are like my favorite band. Ever since they I heard them from my Alaskan roomate freshman year (over 5 years ago). I loved their freshman release of Your Favorite Weapon and it's crying about your girlfriend leaving you style.

    Deja Entendu took a while for me to really appreciate due to the big difference, but now it's my favorite. The Devil and God album also took time but it's tied with YFW for second.

    I love them to death but everyone I show them to doesn't like it or thinks they're just ok.... What gives?

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    I've always lumped them in with the punk-pop/emo bands that got popular five or so years ago - Blink-182, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory. From what I read of their most recent album it seems they've tried to move past that. Still, I don't plan on paying them much attention. It's just not my thing.

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    Yeah thats like what my one friend says.

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    I've been listening to them occasionally recently, but the best thing about them is Jesse Lacey's love for Neutral Milk Hotel. They're not bad, but nothing really jumps out at me. However, I'll keep listening.

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    Great band, "I believe you, but my tommy gun doesn't" is one of the best song ever

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    yeah 'okay i believe you but my tommy gun dont' is a GREAT song
    we're not scaremongering,
    This Is Really Happening.

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    They're okay. I like them. :)

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    Yes I love them, the song Jesus Christ changed my life!

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    I love Brand New....I was lucky enough to see them at URI a couple weeks ago. Im actually wearing a Brand New shirt right now hahaha. I just think theyre amazing how they've progressed so much in their music. TDAGARIM is an absolutely amazing album.

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    One of my three top bands. i'm really hoping the new album sounds like "(Fork and Knife)"

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