released Oct 12th, 2010

from the album - Brand New Day

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Though Joshua Radin enjoyed singing during his childhood, the Cleveland native never intended to be a professional musician. Instead, he studied drawing and painting at Northwestern University, following his college years with stints as an art teacher, screenwriter, and art gallery employee. Eventually, Radin took a stab at songwriting and played one of his earliest compositions, "Winter," for his friend Zach Braff. The burgeoning actor/director took an immediate liking to the song, and "Winter" eventually found its way onto Braff's hit television show Scrubs in early 2004. After fans began to request more of his music, Radin decided to pursue a songwriting career and signed with Columbia Records, which issued his debut album, We Were Here, in 2006.

Radin relocated to Los Angeles and aligned himself with the Hotel Cafe, a unique Hollywood venue specializing in performances by singer/songwriters. He soon found himself playing national tour dates with a number of Hotel Cafe regulars, including Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, and Meiko. Meanwhile, he issued a pair of digital EPs (via iTunes) while readying the release of his sophomore album, Simple Times, which arrived in late 2008. The album was released n the U.K. two years later. Meanwhile, Radin placated his American fans by issuing a short EP, Songs Under a Streelight, and putting the finishing touches on a new full-length record.

Album Review

After releasing two albums of soft, understated folk-pop aimed squarely at the Gray’s Anatomy crowd, Joshua Radin loosens the reins on The Rock and the Tide, an album that features several upbeat rock songs scattered across an otherwise intimate track list. “I’m starting over, so here we go,” he sings on “Here We Go,” his soft voice boosted by electric guitars, synthesizers, and a lush alternative rock arrangement. Most of the punchy numbers are located at the beginning of the album, and it’s only during the homestretch that Radin reverts to the hushed, soft-spun acoustic numbers that filled his earlier albums. It’s not that Radin sounds bad when he turns down the volume; he just sounds anonymous, with neither the vocal power nor the songwriting prowess to turn his ballads into something unique. The peppier material suits him best on this album, where songs like “Road to Ride On” and “Streetlight” contrast his affable croon (which never seems to rise above a speaking-voice decibel, almost as though Radin is afraid of waking the neighbors) with washes of instruments that are more than happy to make up for the lack in volume.

Track Listing

1 Road to Ride On Radin, Terefe 3:02
2 Streetlight Radin 3:29
3 Here We Go Harris, Radin 4:00
4 We Are Only Getting Better Harris, Radin 4:02
5 The Rock and the Tide Radin 4:02
6 You Got What I Need Radin 3:05
7 Nowhere to Go Radin 4:17
8 Think I'll Go Inside Radin 4:16
9 The Ones with the Light Radin 3:25
10 You're Not as Young Radin 2:57
11 One Leap Radin 3:21
12 Wanted Kirkpatrick, Radin 2:53
13 Brand New Day (Reprise) Radin 3:13