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Thread: Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli

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    Default Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli

    released Oct 5th, 2010

    from the album - O Let's Do It

    from allmusic


    Waka Flocka, also known as Waka Flocka Flame, is a Southern rapper associated with Gucci Mane and his So Icey Entertainment enterprise. Born Juaquin Malphurs on May 31, 1986, in Jamaica, Queens, NY, he moved to Riverdale, GA, at age nine and later based himself in Atlanta, GA, where he launched his rap career. He cites influences that include Eazy-E and Lil Jon in addition to Gucci Mane. He was taken under Gucci Mane's wing, and was added to his Brick Squad collective, which also includes OJ Da Juiceman, Frenchie, and Wooh da Kid. Waka Flocka made his solo mixtape debut in 2009 with Shoot Me or Salute Me, the first of numerous mixtape releases that year. Also in 2009 he scored his first commercial hit with "O Let's Do It" and was featured on the song "Bingo" on Gucci Mane's hit album The State vs. Radric Davis.

    Album Review

    A member of Gucci Mane’s So Icey camp, Waka Flocka Flame takes Plies’ slow goon drawl, mixes it with the wackiness of his posse boss Gucci, and then adds plenty of guttural utterances (“Waaaaaakaa!,” “Flocka!,” but mostly “Blow!”) for a love-him-or-hate-him style. Fall into the latter camp and his debut album, Flockaveli, is a one-note cash-in that has no business referencing 2Pac with its title. Fall into the former and it’s a satisfying nonstop assault of so-dumb-it’s-fun hip-hop with numerous guest stars to keep things fresh plus those deep Lex Luger beats that threaten to blow the trunk off. With “Hard in da Paint,” “No Hands,” and "O Let's Do It" all on the track list, every one of Flocka’s necessary career-building singles are present, and the support crew consists mostly of likeminded bangers with guys'-night-out appeal, the cred-verifying “G Check” being the best. The one welcome surprise is “For My Dawgs,” a slow creeper that communicates spite and triumph with skill, but this smart wallflower is surrounded by party boys and won’t be enough to sway the haters. Still, Flockaveli has enough hooks and attitude to keep those bottles poppin’ all night long, and whether or not you remember any of it the next day, it does serve its purpose.

    Track Listing

    1 Bustin' at 'Em Lewis, Malphurs 3:57
    2 Hard in da Paint Malphurs 4:06
    3 TTG (Trained to Go) Lewis, Malphurs, Walker 5:05
    4 Bang Lewis, Malphurs 4:23
    5 No Hands Gholson, Malphurs 4:22
    6 Bricksquad Lewis, Malphurs 3:57
    7 F**k the Club Up Malphurs 4:39
    8 Homies Malphurs 4:54
    9 Grove St. Party Lewis, Malphurs 4:10
    10 O Let's Do It Malphurs 4:08
    11 Karma Lewis, Malphurs 3:52
    12 Live by the Gun Diggs, Lewis, Malphurs 4:09
    13 For My Dawgs Malphurs 3:21
    14 G Check Lewis, Malphurs 4:17
    15 Snake in the Grass Carter, Lewis, Malphurs 2:58
    16 Smoke, Drank Malphurs 4:32
    17 F**k This Industry Lewis, Malphurs 5:09
    “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.”
    Will Rogers

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    well, ive been checking out,or should i say wasting my time on, this guy for the last 20 or so minutes on youtube, what a load of rap with a capitol 'c', eminems worst tracks are better than this.
    complete waste of my time, but i guess you cant condemn till you listen....and i have, once and once only is more than enough.

    sorry, but words fail me with this,its abysmal

    ps. love the reagan quote, its priceless, and to think he had his finger on the button...or was it nancy?

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