released Oct 5th, 2010

from the album - Living In A Dream

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The members of alternative metal outfit Finger Eleven grew up in Burlington, Ontario, and came together in high school as a funk-styled band named Rainbow Butt Monkeys. Originally comprised of Scott Anderson (vocals), Sean Anderson (bass), Rob Gommerman (drums), and James Black and Rick Jackett on guitars, they won a rock band search contest on local radio and used the prize money to record their first album, 1995's Letters from Chutney. Gommerman left the band soon after, making way for drummer Rich Beddoe. Now named Finger Eleven, the quintet released Tip on Mercury Records in Canada, which marked the band's turn to a heavier sound. It was re-released by the New York City-based label Wind-Up Records in September 1998. The album made minor waves on Much Music, videos for "Above" and "Tip" increasing their profile at home, but it would still be several years before U.S. audiences really paid attention to the band. The Greyest of Blue Skies appeared in the summer of 2000, followed three years later by Finger Eleven's self-titled third album. The latter record eventually went gold, driven by the success of their brooding Top 40 hit "One Thing." After various rounds of touring, the guys got to work collectively writing their next album for Wind-Up. March 2007's Them vs. You vs. Me featured much more varied instrumentation and influences — including dance, funk, and country — than just the chugging metallic guitars of Finger Eleven's past efforts. The band subsequently hit the road in support with U.S. shows alongside Evanescence and Chevelle. Back home in Canada, Them Vs. You Vs. Me wound up winning the Juno for Rock Album of the Year in 2008, raising expectations for the band's next album Life Turns Electric, which appeared in the fall of 2010.

Album Review

Finger Eleven’s sequel to 2007’s Juno Award-winning Them vs. You vs. Me sees the onetime Rainbow Butt Monkeys embracing their slow slide toward respectable middle-age. All lingering elements of rebellion, noise, and aggression have been banished; their funk — when it surfaces — is not a breakneck freakout but digs into an actual groove (“Living in a Dream” almost yo-yos to a disco beat); and they’re not afraid to get full-out hooky and poppy, as they do on the rather excellent “Stone Soul.” The aforementioned two cuts are Finger Eleven at their extreme ends of the spectrum. Most of the time they’re hugging the middle, turning out big anthems that are confident and catchy modern rock, the work of a band whose members have found their comfort zone and are happy to inhabit it fully.

Track Listing

1 Any Moment Now Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:07
2 Pieces Fit Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:09
3 Whatever Doesn't Kill Me Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:37
4 Living in a Dream Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:04
5 Good Intentions Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:04
6 Stone Soul Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 2:40
7 Ordinary Life Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 4:00
8 Don't Look Down Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:06
9 Famous Last Words Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:19
10 Love's What You Left Me With Anderson, Anderson, Beddoe ... 3:22