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    anyone like them?

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    I've heard a few songs from their new album. They seem pretty cool.

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    Hi aquinas, & welcome.

    I have a couple of their CDs (Deadwing, & Fear of a Blank Planet), and like these a lot. Also have the two Blackfield albums which I also like. Not my favourite band, but good nonetheless.

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    have you checked out any earlier stuff like "up the downstairs" or "sky moves sideways"? very psychedelic stuff

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    I rather like Porcupine Tree. Haven't heard Sky Moves Sideways yet but I love Up the Downstairs. The first thing I heard from them was Deadwing.
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    My second favorite band in the world(after Opeth) is Porcupine Tree. I was a mega Pink Floyd fan initially, and there were a lot of similarities between them. There is this one song called 'Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape' from 'Up The Downstairs' album. This is, in my opinion the most under-rated song ever made. I mean, it is so obscure that even PTree lovers haven't heard it.

    The composer, Steven Wilson, is a genius and has probably heard all the Progressive rock songs in the world. Most of the famous songs are Pop-ish, like: 'Sound of Muzak', 'Blackest Eyes', 'Lazarus'. PTree was also tempted to go mainstream(for the money and fame of course) just like Genesis had back in the 80's. But he resisted that temptation and continued to stay in the prog rock industry. He sings about this in the stunningly beautiful 'Buying new Soul'.

    I have ranted enough to prove to you guys that PTree is what my whole music-life is all about. Please give it a try, and Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape too. I have forced a lot of my friends listen to it. You will not like it initially, but its worth it...

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    Haven't got to listen to them just yet, but something , i don't even remember what now, drew me to Delerium Records, which in turn put them on my, "look for these guys" list ;)

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