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Thread: YourMusicNetwork - Coming soon!

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    Smile YourMusicNetwork - Coming soon!

    Hello is coming soon! YourMusicNetwork is the network for unsigned band's/artists, to upload their music, get feedback, promote their music, and interact with other YMN members!

    YMN members will have the ability to upload their music as video and/or audio, which is accessible to all website viewers! Other members can rate, comment, discuss, and 'digg' users music.

    Discussion is an important part of YMN. User's will have access to extensive Forums, Message Boards, Music Groups, Channels, and a wealth of information dedicated to helping out new musicians/bands on the road to fame!

    The website itself is a music sharing community & discussion portal. The highest rated/viewed videos & audios will be promoted and featured on the YMN homepage for maximum exposure! The entire website is provided for free.

    Be sure to check out in the very near future.

    Estimated launch date is 01/08/2008 (1st of August 2008!).

    - the YMN team.

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    Thanks for reading the site usage policy, and for posting in the right place. Good luck with your site !!

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