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Thread: David Archuleta - The Other Side Of Down

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    Default David Archuleta - The Other Side Of Down

    released Oct 5th, 2010

    from the album - Something 'Bout Love

    from allmusic


    David Archuleta became one of the most recognizable figures on television in 2008, when his tenor vocals and boyish charm helped earn him a second-place finish on American Idol. Although born in Miami, FL, he'd spent most of his childhood in Utah, where he lived with his parents (Jeff, a jazz trumpeter, and Lupe Maire, a Honduran salsa singer) and four siblings. Inspired by a videotaped performance of Les Miserables, Archuleta began singing at age six, and his talent helped him secure performances at the Utah Talent Competition, The Jenny Jones Show, and Star Search, where he was crowned Junior Vocal Champion in 2003.

    David Archuleta auditioned for American Idol's seventh season in 2007, earning his first praise from the judging panel with a rendition of John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change." He advanced to the semifinals and remained with the show throughout its entire season, delivering strong, passionate performances of pop ballads like "Another Day in Paradise" and John Lennon's "Imagine." At 17 years old, Archuleta was the season's youngest contestant, and he ultimately finished as the runner-up to David Cook. "Crush," the first single from his self-titled debut album, debuted at number two later that summer, while the full-length album David Archuleta followed in November.

    Archuleta's album went gold within several months, and the singer spent the first half of 2009 touring with McFly in the U.K. and Demi Lovato in America. He also found time to work on a holiday album, Christmas from the Heart, which was released later that year. When it came time to record a proper follow-up to his 2008 debut, Archuleta widened his sound by calling upon producers like S*A*M & Sluggo, who helped helm the peppy lead single "Something 'Bout Love." The accompanying album, The Other Side of Down, was released several months later in October 2010.

    Album Review

    As the second-hardest-to-market American Idol runner-up, David Archuleta stumbled out of the gate in 2008, nobody quite knowing whether to embrace his youth or his granny appeal, so they wound up with a mediocrity that appealed to neither camp. The Other Side of Down, his 2010 sequel, firmly favors the former, borrowing heavily from Ryan Tedder’s chilly stainless-steel sheen, its glassy wall of synths, looped hooks, and rhythms reflecting radio-ready sounds of 2009-2010. It’s a style that doesn’t showcase the singer but Archuleta is already an old pro, fitting the contours of what he’s been given, which makes sense since he’s largely responsible for the songs here, bearing writing credits on ten of the 12 cuts. As a writer, Archuleta certainly is a follower, not an innovator, but he’s sharp enough to hire collaborators to coax comfortable commercial pop out of him — something that is much more difficult than it appears, if his debut is to be trusted — and beneath the gloss there are signs that the AmIdol finalist has been searching his soul, looking for what is “The Other Side of Down” as he’s trying to figure out “Who I Am,” knowing that “Things Are Gonna Get Better.” But don’t mistake this for a confessional, even on the level of Lindsay Lohan’s A Little More Personal (Raw) — this is a middle-of-the-road pop album pure and simple, arriving perhaps two years too late but it nevertheless proves that Archuleta has the chops to fill the space between commercials on the airwaves.

    Track Listing

    1 The Other Side of Down Archuleta, Bose, Daly ... 3:13
    2 Something 'Bout Love Archuleta, DeStefano ... 4:22
    3 Elevator Archuleta, Krompass, Peiken 3:24
    4 Stomping the Roses Archuleta, Avary 3:01
    5 Who I Am Archuleta, Krompass, Peiken 3:44
    6 Falling Stars Cates, Kelly, Kiriakou 3:35
    7 Parachutes and Airplanes Archuleta, Robbins, Squire 3:33
    8 Look Around Archuleta, Horn, Squire 3:25
    9 Good Place Allan, Archuleta, Peiken 3:25
    10 Complain Hodges, Kelly, Kiriakou 3:24
    11 Things Are Gonna Get Better Archuleta, Brisebois ... 3:14
    12 My Kind of Perfect Archuleta, Bose, Brouwer ... 3:36
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    I like some songs from this album :)

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