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Thread: phil collins 'going home' cd

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    ok, im not a fan of phil collins or genesis, as music head knows, so maybe my opinion of phils new cd isnt one of generally liking his material, but 'going home' is an honest, accurate interpretation of 'soul' musics best songs, well motown anyway.
    of the 18 tracks on the album theres probably 2or 3 that i dont like, the other 15 are good to very good, the best of which is the outstanding 'papa was a rolling stone' and '(love is like a)heatwave.
    phil hasnt tried to update the music but has kept it true to the original style/instrumentation.

    i am a big fan of 1960s and early 1970s soul music and this album does justice to the genre/period quite well.

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    Gave Phil's Papa Was A Rolling Stone and Heatwave a listen.

    He does the former justice and I liked it but can't say the same for the latter. Probably just the transition from female to male vocal.
    What makes these work I think is the note for note copy of the original music which was superb.
    I'm just not a big fan of cover songs, let alone albums. That's where Rod Stewart sunk like a stone in my book. IMO, When you reach that level, that means you acknowledge that you have no hope of securing any new fan base, but are just content to get the oldies crowd.
    For anyone not in the know those are originally Temptations and Martha & The Vandellas songs.
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    from an interview i saw with phil last last week, he used motown session musos on the album, so that explains the sound.
    as for rod stewart he lost me around 85/86, i did like 'rythem of my heart' and 'mowtown song' from the mid 90s tho.
    im not a fan of cover versions either, as a rule, for the reason you laid out, occasionally though i do hear a few gems that surprise me, two that come to mind instantly are:
    paul weller 'bang bang'... great acoustic version, better than the original sonny and cher one
    oasis 'i am the walrus'...a song that would be difficult to cover successfully, but they nailed it

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    A little off topic, but in regards to covers, "Don't Dream it's Over" by Sixpence Nonthe Richer was beautifully done..

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