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Thread: Photos & Thoughts on The Enid Gig Last Night

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    Default Photos & Thoughts on The Enid Gig Last Night

    A couple of snaps from last night:

    Last night was the first time I've seen The Enid - described by London entertainment magazine Time Out as " Pink Floyd meets The Orb meets The Berlin Philharmonic" - in 23 years, and albeit ageing keyboard virtuoso Robert John Godfrey is the only band member to have been in every incarnation of the band, original drummer Dave Storey is now back in the band. Since Godfrey has always been the central pillar of the band, this is no great problem.

    The first part consisted of a run-through of their new 2010 album, Journey's End, to which I've listened a few times in recent weeks, and the second part involved some excellent material from various stages of the band's lengthy career.

    The original band featured two highly charismatic guitarists, and whilst the young gun Jason Ducker who now fulfills guitar duties is a quieter stage presence, he plays the distinctive Enid guitar parts with impressive aplomb.

    The other young member, Nick Willes on bass & percussion, is a passionate individual who seems to view percussion playing as an act of violence. Ray Cooper springs to mind.

    Max Read is the vocalist, 2nd guitarist, & 2nd keyboard player, and it was fascinating watching the non-verbal communication going on between him & Godfrey.

    The band is very well drilled, and played their hearts out to a very appreciative audience.

    This was some 30 miles away from us, and the band were formed just a few miles away, so this was a bit of a homecoming gig for Godfrey, plus it was Ducker's birthday, so a grand time was had by all.

    Excellent !! Hope I get to see them again soonest.

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