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    The Beginner’s Guide To Wally

    Wally were a progressive Rock band who haled from The Yorkshire town of Harrogate. They were around in the early seventies and produced two excellent albums.

    The band centered around singer-song writer Roy Webber.

    In 1973 the band entered a Melody Maker ( English music newspaper of the 70s) whose aim was to discover new talent. Although making it to the finals they were beaten by a band called Druid ( wonder what happened to them ??).
    Whilst in the final , Wally attracted the attentions of one Bob Harris whose chief claim to fame was that he was the host of the prestigious BBC rock showcase “ The Old Grey Whistle Test” Bob took the band under his wing and approached Atlantic records who signed them .

    Their 1974 debate album entitled “Wally” was produced by Bob and then Yes Keyboards player Rick Wakeman

    Wally supported Yes at several gigs and also made an appearance on The Old Grey Whistle test program to promote their album.

    At this point the band consisted of.

    Roy Webber (guitar-vocal)
    Paul Middleton (lap steel)
    Roger Narraway (drums)
    Pete Sage (violin)
    Paul Gerrett (keyboards)

    Moderate success followed and the band went on to produce a second album “Valley Gardens”

    For this album Nick Glennie-Smith replaced Paul Gearett.

    After this the band split and the various members went on to the following fates

    Courtesy of the Wiki:

    Roy Webber set up a graphic design company, primarily working for Yorkshire Television but also with the Royal Armouries Museum. Pete Sage went to Germany to work as a sound engineer for the pop group Boney M. Nick Glennie-Smith was proposed as potential replacement for Wakeman in Yes and went on to be a leading session musician and soundtrack composer. Guitarist Pete Cosker died in 1990 as a result of a heroin overdose. Drummer Roger Narraway metamorphosed into a talented lead guitarist and Paul Middleton retreated to the North Yorkshire Dales, becoming a carpenter and venturing out occasionally to play with Roy Webber in a country rock band, Freddie Alva and the Men from Delmonte. He now gigs on a regular basis with his own band, The Angst Band, featuring fellow band member Frank Mizen on pedal steel, guitar and banjo.
    Paul Gerrett died of a heart attack in 2008.
    In 2009 the band reformed to play a tribute gig to Paul Garrett and in addition have recorded an album based on 70s demos called “Montpelier’ It seems possible that the reunion concert will be issued sometime in the near future.

    Sunday Walking Lady

    The Martyr

    The Reason Why Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Link to Paul Middleton's current band

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