released Sept 14th, 2010

from the album - When I Fall

from allmusic


Contemporary singer/songwriter Matt White is a melodic vocalist with a knack for saucy, soulful adult alternative pop. Born in Englewood, NJ, White spent much of his youth in and around New York City. He became interested in classical music at a young age, taking up piano lessons as a three-year-old and taking a stab at composing his own opera several years later. White's tastes eventually broadened to rock music, and he picked up the guitar while attending college at the University of Wisconsin. Following graduation, he returned to N.Y.C. and began busking around the city, eventually graduating from street-corner performances to official shows at Joe's Pub, The Living Room, and other venues.

White is a genuine product of the online generation, and his local following combined with his considerable connections on MySpace — over 50,000 friends — caught the attention of Geffen Records, who signed him to a deal. An EP, Bleeker Street Stories, was released in 2006 and found a sizable audience on iTunes. Over 100,000 copies were eventually sold, and White's full-length debut album, Best Days, followed in 2007. After touring heavily in support of the album, he began writing material for another record, relying on the piano for most of the composition process. The result, It’s the Good Crazy, was released in 2010.

Album Review

Most of Matt White’s songs pitch their tent in one of the most crowded intersections in contemporary music: the place where Maroon 5’s funky, rock-influenced R&B crosses paths with Jason Mraz’s surfer boy soul. It’s hard to establish your own identity when you’ve got those luminaries as your neighbors, and White sounds best when he takes his music elsewhere, as he does several times on this sophomore album. The highlights on It’s the Good Crazy are the ballads, which are intricately arranged by a panel of producers — including David Baron, Josh Kaler, Jimmy Messer, and Phantom Planet’s Sam Farrar — most of whom are simpatico solo songwriters as well. The guys keep things warm and tuneful, recording everything onto analog tape and boosting White’s piano-and-vocals approach with strings, background vocals, and other pop/rock accessories. “Taking on Water” finds him duetting with up-and-coming songbird Emma Lasry while acoustic guitars strum quietly in the background, and “When I Fall” gives him a chance to show off his falsetto, with a chorus that hints at Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work.” Slower numbers aren’t the only place where White can flex his muscles — on “Honeymoon Phase,” he channels 1980s Paul Simon to tuneful effect — but It’s the Good Crazy is mostly a showcase for his ballads, currently the only place where Matt White can distinguish himself from his influences or his contemporaries.

Track Listing

1 And the Beat Goes On White 3:51
2 Falling in Love (With My Best Friend) Sax, White 3:09
3 She's on Fire Messer, White 3:10
4 Taking on Water Diaz, White 3:14
5 Colorblind White 3:39
6 When I Fall White 4:11
7 Honeymoon Phase White 3:09
8 Therapy White 3:22
9 Teacher Teacher White 3:32
10 Off My Wall Farrar, White 3:38
11 Sunshine White 3:15