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'black the sun' was the debut album by alex lloyd in 1999. the album is a mix of acoustic guitars, elctronic and samples. this mish mash of ideas actually gives the album a unique life all of its own. its one of those albums that grow on you over several listens, and by which time the melodies get well and truly stuck in your head. the subject matter is quite dark, dealing predominately with lost love and drug addiction. there are tinges of lenny kravitz and beck in 'momo' and U2 in 'something special'. the album spawned 5 hits in australia. at the ARIA(australian record industry assoc.) awards in 2000 the album recieved awards for 'best album' 'best bebut album' and alex lloyd for 'best newcomer'
alex lloyd wrote all the songs and played all instruments.


track listing:

1. melting
2. momo
3. something special
4. desert
5. snow
6. my way home
7. black the sun
8. lucky star
9. what a year
10. far away
11. aliens
12. gender
13. backseat clause

3s 6
2s 7
1s 0

average: 2.46