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    Neil Young's new album 'Le Noise' is released next week.

    track listing is as follows

    1. walk with me
    2. sign of love
    3. someones gonna rescue you
    4. love and war
    5. angry world
    6. hitchhiker
    7. peaceful valley blvd
    8. rumblin'

    the lead single from the album sounds a lot like his 1970s crazy horse material, cant wait to hear the rest of the album.
    from the sound of the single, its going to be a vast improvement on his last 2009 effort 'fork in the road'

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    ten days to go and counting

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY-HORSE View Post
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    ten days to go and counting
    dontcha love that thrill of waiting for the release date of an artist you love?

    aw, the power of music.
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    we all get that feeling dont we, ive heard/seen half the tracks on utube and it does sound like a very good album, im not baised though, neil young has made some really bad albums, like all artists.
    im a bit paul mccartney fan also, he has certainly made dud albums, but like NY and anyone else whos made 40+ studil albums, they cant get it right everytime

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