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    they had some great songs back in the 1980s:

    do you really want to hurt me?.
    karma chameleon
    i'll tumble for you...etc

    and one great album 'colour by numbers', helen terry's backing vocals on this album were sublime. there is not a single dud track on this album.
    its a shame george o'dowds private life overshadows his music now.

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    Yes, I agree. Another 80s person I liked was Cidy Lauper, but again her weirdness, which got her recognition in the first place, kind of became her undoing later on...odd how that happens.
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    i used to like cnydi lauper better than madonna, they released their respective debut albums within a couple of weeks of eachother in australia. i did see cyndi lauper earlier this year in an outdoor ampitheatre type setting and thought she was still pretty good, as you said, her wierdness got the better of her in the late 80s, nevertheless she has a good voice for the styles she sings

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    Didn't really keep up with Cyndi after the first few.
    Now she is riding high on the blues charts with a new album.
    Could you guys elaborate on the weird tag.
    Never was aware of any weirdness.
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    to me it was a case of being too outrageous, the hair,the makeup,the clothes,the way she portrayed herself in interviews, it was all offputting,she started looking like mutton dressed as lamb, then again madonna does now also

    she did a few bluesy type numbers when i saw her, her vocal ability shone through in those songs really well

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    this band is such a old band they sing some of fantastic songs.

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