released Sept 7th, 2010

from the album - Rollin' Along

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Randy Bachman left Bachman-Turner Overdrive following the groupís Freeways album in 1977 and tracked and released a solo album, Survivor, in 1978, then formed the short-lived Ironhorse in 1979, sticking around for two albums before renaming the group Union. Union, which also included former BTO bandmate Fred Turner, released a single album, On Strike, in 1981. Bachman and Turner next joined a reunited BTO for 1984ís Bachman-Turner Overdrive and the resulting tour, which led to a live album, Live! Live! Live!, in 1985. Various versions of BTO stayed on the road through 1991 when Bachman finally split the band for good, although one configuration or another of the group was active on the touring circuit through 2004. The entire infrastructure around the band, including its touring and management company, was officially dissolved in 2005. Bachman and Turner next joined forces in 2009, recording a new album together, the self-titled Bachman & Turner, which was released a year later in 2010.

Album Review

Over the past two decades, Randy Bachman and Fred Turner never strayed far from each other ó usually playing in the form of some kind of reunion gig ó but 2010ís Bachman & Turner marks their first recorded collaboration in two decades. Itís no insult to say that apart from a handful of lyrical concerns, Bachman & Turner could have been released over 20 years ago, so faithful it is to the meat-and-potatoes hard rock recipe they first wrote when with BTO. The duo sounds a little worse for wear and the production bears a bit of a ragged, home-made fray but that rawness gives it a slight edge, making it seem less like an exercise in nostalgia than music the duo needed to get out. Of course, itís impossible to entirely discount nostalgia from this record ó making it like they did in the old days is part of the point, and itís for an audience that yearns for real rock made on real instruments. And the end result is certainly that: it may lack the hooks of BTO but itís big, noisy straight ahead rock & roll, ready for the taking whenever fans get a little tired of playing their old vinyl.

Track Listing

1 Rollin' Along Turner 3:38
2 That's What It Is Bachman 3:31
3 Moonlight Rider Turner 4:21
4 Find Some Love Bachman, Turner 4:39
5 Slave to the Rhythm Bachman 4:59
6 Waiting Game Bachman 5:19
7 I've Seen the Light Turner 5:02
8 Cant Go Back to Memphis Bachman 4:39
9 Rock and Roll Is the Only Way Out Bachman 3:52
10 Neutral Zone Turner 3:18
11 Traffic Jam 7:53
12 Repo Man Bachman, Saxell 4:17