released August 31st, 2010

from the album - Carried Away

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Although mostly known for his work with My Morning Jacket, Carl Broemel became an in-demand guitarist during the early 2000s, appearing on albums by everyone from Delta Spirit to Bobby Bare, Jr. He also launched a solo career with All Birds Say, an eclectic alt-country album released in 2010.

Broemel was raised in Indianapolis and later attended Indiana University, where he studied classical guitar and played with an alt-country band named Old Pike. The group opened for Ben Folds Five in 1997 and signed with Epic Records one year later, although they were dropped from the labelís roster after releasing their debut album, Ten Thousand Nights, in 1999. Old Pike broke up shortly afterward.

Broemel moved to Los Angeles and eventually tried out for My Morning Jacket, whose founding guitarist Johnny Quaid had left the band. He officially joined the lineup in 2004, and the band rehearsed for several weeks before hitting the road with their revised lineup, which also included newcomer Bo Koster. Broemel and Koster made their studio debuts with My Morning Jacket one year later, when the group released Z, and Koster also contributed to Broemelís solo debut, All Birds Say, which appeared in 2010.

Album Review

When Carl Broemel joined My Morning Jacket in 2004, the group had already shed its alt-country skin and grown into an experimental rock band. Broemel keeps things relatively twangy on his solo debut, though, bypassing MMJís penchant for space jams and multi-genre combos in favor of an earthy, straightforward sound. All Birds Say is often a team effort ó fellow MMJ bandmate Bo Koster plays organ and vibraphone, while a handful of guests contribute everything from horns to string bass ó but Broemel remains in the driverís seat, sporting an unassuming voice that knows its limitations and an ear for textured arrangements. Rarely do any of these songs break a sweat; theyíre mostly laid back, mid-tempo ruminations on everyday life, with the lyrics playing second fiddle to the Nashville-influenced sound that Broemel and his friends brew up. Whenever he piles on the pedal steel and overdubbed harmonies, Broemel sounds a bit like Ryan Adams circa Jacksonville City Nights. All Birds Say isnít concerned with aping anyone elseís sound, though, and it wields the sort of casual confidence thatís rarely heard on a sidemanís solo project. If Carl Broemel ever decides to quit his day job, heís got a promising future here.

Track Listing

1 All Birds Say Broemel 1:32
2 Life Leftover Broemel 3:50
3 In the Garden Broemel 3:08
4 Carried Away Broemel 4:03
5 Enough Broemel 2:42
6 Heaven Knows Broemel 2:31
7 Questions Broemel 5:17
8 Different People Lett 4:43
9 Sunday Drivers Broemel 4:29
10 On the Case Broemel 3:14
11 Retired Broemel 3:37