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    Post BBM (Bruce,Baker,Moore)

    'BBM' are:

    Jack Bruce- Bass, Vocals
    , Cello
    Ginger Baker- Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
    Gary Moore- Guitar, Vocals

    Tommy Eyre- Keyboards

    Morriss Murphy- Trumpet

    Biography & Intro

    'BBM' was a British blues rock trio formed in the early 1990s by bassist Jack Bruce & guitarist Gary Moore shortly after Moore had supported Bruce during his 50th birthday celebration concert in 1993 (which was documented on the live album 'Cities Of The Heart').. They released just one album entitled 'Around The Next Dream' in May of 1994 only to disband almost immediately after. In support of the album they had a short UK & Europe tour but unfortunately many of the dates were subsequently cancelled.

    Originally intended to be another Moore solo record with Jack Bruce simply as a session musician, it soon spontaneously developed into a two way project and therefore they decided to form a seperate band. Not long after, Ginger Baker (who had supported Bruce in recent years prior to '93) became involved and joined upon request. Now that these three established artists had formed a band, they now needed a name. Keeping it nice and simple and for lack of any fancy ideas they decided to name the band 'BBM'; after each of the band members' initials, Bruce Baker & Moore.

    The album

    'Around The Next Dream' was released in May of 1994 and surprisingly reached No.9 in the UK charts. Just one single, 'Where In The World' was released from the album in August of 1994 and reached a respectable No.57 in the UK chart. The album runs in at a lengthy 51:52 with the songs averaging out roughly about 5 minutes each.

    The songs

    1)Waiting In The Wings
    Jack Bruce's rich vocals never fails to please. Opens with one of Moore's sinister riffs and features a wah drenched solo. Ends with a nice jam from Moore which provides the blueprint for this album. 5/5

    2)City Of Gold
    This is where the album really heats up with a catchy recurring riff from Moore. We are treated to Bruce's trademark rich vocals again and this song contains perhaps the best lyric of the album in the pre-chorus refrain "My meal of salt, on a table of stone". Less jamming on this song towards the end with Jack Bruce leading the way out. 4/5

    3)Where In The World
    Noticeably different approach to the only single of the album with a string backed intro & a fantastic duet between Gary Moore & Jack Bruce. Very psychedelic feel to this song and much slower tempo which momentarily evades the blues-rock dominance of this album. Bruce & Moore's vocals replace much of the previous guitar jamming but fit perfectley together here and makes for a classic track. 4/5

    4)Can't Fool The Blues
    It's back to the blues-rock vein of the first two tracks with Moore on vocals and opens with a bad-ass riff that will get you going in an instant. Bruce's vocals are not present on this album but Moore proves he's more than capable of leading the way and his passionate singing throughout coupled with his energetic and heartfelt guitar improv make this another must have from the album. The fade-out guitar solo towards the end is sensational 5/5.

    5)High Cost Of Loving

    Bruce returns on track five with a much looser blues-rock feel on this blues cover song originally written by 'J.Jones'. Tommy Eyre appears to make a debut on keyboards which provide a bit of simple variation to the band. Here, Moore is given a bit of a break and has time to concentrate on more progressive solos which make for fantastic listening along with the general jam attitude of the band. While the lyrics are rather cliche and a bit ironic for these 'millionaires' to be using at this late point in their career, 'High Cost..' is another top notch track from these guys. 4/5

    6)Glory Days

    My personal favourite of the album. Opens with a one off appearance from trumpeter Morriss Murphy which provides the signature riff of the song. Another duet between Jack Bruce & Gary Moore which is again very effective. Ends on a high powered climax outro with an extensive & excellent solo from Moore. 5/5

    7)Why Does Love (Have To Go Wrong?)

    A more intimate, stripped down feel to the intro of the song. Classic Bruce vocals again with the opening line "Take a look in the mirror, what do you see? Take a look deep inside you, are you still free?". Bruce goes solo on this one and carries himself very well throughout. This is the longest track on the album, at over 8 minutes and features 3 seperate solos from Moore, each getting more energetic and wilder each time. By the end of the song you will have kicked the walls in due to sheer excitement. 5/5

    8)Naked Flame
    Bye Bye to the jamming (momentarily) and hello to a ballad from Gary Moore which is so slow it almost sounds like it's on the wrong album! Can be likened to tracks such as 'Still Got The Blues' and features a pretty impressive solo towards the end. I personally disliked this track right from the start. Not because it's a bad track but basically because it totally interrupts the mood and flow of the album and would have been better included at the end. 2/5

    9)I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me?)
    Classic Albert King makes for a very apt inclusion on this album. With Moore on lead vocals and lead ripping again this is an extremely good cover. A (then) 55 year old Ginger Baker really gets into the drumming on this album as well which is nice to hear. Lot of jamming on this one again and makes for the last of that type on the album. 5/5

    10)Wrong Side Of Town
    Jack Bruce's shot at a ballad which was actually written by Moore. Much better than 'Naked Flame' and Bruce has a lot more suitable voice for ballads and a better range than that of Moore's. Reminds me of something like his 1980 track 'Bird Alone' (minus the upbeat rocking part). Beautiful song which acts as the perfect way to end a great album. 4/5

    Personal Angle & Album Overview
    I first came across this album around 2.5 years ago when I was turned onto Gary Moore by a workmate and decided to have a nosey at his discography on wikipedia (as you do!). When I noticed a mid 90s collaboration with two of the ex Cream legends I just had to investigate and purchased the album immediately. All I can tell you about the first time I heard this album is that I was constantly saying to myself "Wow, Fuckin' hell!, this is awesome!" and at the end I would simply press play again & enjoy. If I recall correctly the first ever time I played the album, it was 3 times in a row! While this album is perhaps not Bruce or Baker's best work, I am pretty confident that it is Moore's. At least in terms of his blues output up to that point & beyond (with the exception of 'Blues For Greeny' as a covers album).
    This still stands as one of my favourite albums and despite the rare Glasgow bootleg I obtained overtaking the album in terms of favourability, I would highly recommend the studio effort to any fans of goodtime, loose jam, high energy music. 4/5.

    Finally (& sadly): The Break-up
    It wasn't long before Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker's old discrepancies and differences became apparant again and after a series of arguments and fall-outs between the two, one even involving Moore several concerts were cancelled as a result and the future of the band was hanging in the balance. Finally, after a fist fight occured on stage between Baker & Bruce the band split. This could have possibly occured during their last concert at the Schuettorf Festival in Vechtewese, Germany. They had a long string of festivals on the roster including the Montreaux Jazz festival in Switzerland, Balingen Festival in Germany, Pori Jazz Festival in Finland & Molde Jazz festival in Norway. All of these were subsequentley cancelled and no further concerts took place.

    Linkage & Live Album
    Studio album:

    Live @ Glasgow Barrowlands Album (extremely rare):

    Just a quick word on the above live album...
    During my obsessive days with this band, I came across a live album which was for sale on an american site called ''. I was so shocked to actually find a live album for a band who a)scarcely played any live shows & b)were only together for a matter of months. Album only cost me around 12 and since I got it I have since preferred it to the studio album. Live material is a lot more upbeat and looser in comparison to studio album. Songs like 'Glory Days' are made 10 times better with the addition of the live setting. Plus there is humour as well as the glasgow crowd can be heard several times during the start of 'Sittin' On Top Of The World' shouting "You're shite go home!". Definitely worth investigating .

    EDIT: Apologies to any users who had attempted to download the live album. The link had become inactive and has now been replaced.
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