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    Hi, I came here to speak with other music lovers and maybe find some new music and maybe fall in love with a new genre. I like listening to jazz and classic rock, and I like playing jazz even more. That's about all I've got to say right now.

    Oh, by the way, I just got a 160GB iPod Classic and I've only got about 16GB of music. I dare you guys here at Music Discussion to fill it up with all kinds of music that I'll listen to all the time by this time next year.

    And... break!

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    hi ptom, welcome!

    to answer your question, get the style councils 'cafe bleu' album, theres a lot of jazz on that on as well as well structured mor songs
    also paul wellers self titled set from 1992,bit of jazz/pop fusion on that one, paul weller 'wild wood', a bit folky and pastoral in its sound

    thats 3 albums 2 start you off with....enjoy

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    Ptom, that's not a name !! Am I right in presuming that you're actually a Tom ??

    There'll be plenty of recommendation opportunities, so I won't start now.

    Welcome to MD, & I hope you enjoy the site.

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    Hey ptom & welcome to the forum!
    Thats pretty funny actually, I recentley got the exact same Ipod but only because I needed a bigger one to fit more music on! I'll give you a recommendation right now in the form of BBM (Bruce,Baker,Moore). If you're into your classic rock then you will enjoy this. Just follow this link:

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