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Thread: Bodkin ( For Mr Soul !)

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    Default Bodkin ( For Mr Soul !)

    Bodkin were a heavy prog band from Scotland. They appear to have never singed a full recording contract but instead did a deal to release a private pressing back in 1972.

    One of the unique things about the band was their ability to record a relatively massive sound in one take live.
    Foremost up front his the huge Hammond organ sound of Doug Rome whose ability is rated with the likes of Deep Purple or Atomic Roster etc

    It is understood that Doug is now a miner in South Africa.

    The privately-pressed early seventies album now changes hands for substantive sums. I believe that it's original cover looked thus:

    The album consists of five extended tracks of superb heavy organs and guitar work.

    Originally issued in a plain white sleeve, unsold copies were according to 'Record Collector' acquired by a German dealer a few years back who designed a new sleeve to enhance the album's appeal.

    The album has been issued on CD and the details follow.
    Line-up / Musicians

    - Doug Rome / organ
    - Mick Riddle / guitar
    - Bill Anderson / bass
    - Dick Sneddon / drums
    - Zeik Hume / vocals

    Releases information
    World Wide Records W&W001 (1991)
    re-released on Akarma Records
    Akarma 11872 11-2000

    This is how Bodkin sound

    Mary's Trashcan

    Three Day's After Death

    Plastic Man

    A couple of reviews:

    1 Bodkin was a heavy early progressive band from Scotland. They released one self-titled album in 1972. Using imagery from black magic and a sound rather like
    Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, they presented a set of aggressive sounds driven primarily by Hammond organ. The band consisted of Mick Riddle (Lead Guitar), Doug Rome (Keyboards), Dick Sneddon (Drums), Bill Anderson (Bass), and Zeik Hume (Vocals).

    2 BODKIN were a Scottish quintet that released a self-titled album in 1972. They made a classic-sounding, rough-edged heavy progressive rock with the emphasis on Doug Rome's Hammond organ and complimented by Mick Riddle's guitar, Bill Anderson's bass, Dick Sneddon on drums and the cool wailing of Zeik Hume.
    Somewhat more jam-oriented than contemporaries such as ATOMIC ROOSTER or URIAH HEEP and not quite as hard-hitting, BODKIN nevertheless delivered spirited rock music with energetic interplay between guitar and organ, fine musicianship, and distractingly good compositions from the 21 year-old Doug Rome.
    A very palatable blend of dark organ-rock and dirty blues, Bodkin will surely please listeners interested in the murky and mysterious early years of the Heavy Prog scene and anyone seeking rare prog." - Atavachron-ProgArchives

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    Cheers Gryphon, this is excellent! I previously had no idea you could get it on CD. Also have you heard of another prog band called Home? Just discovered them this second on amazon.

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