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    Cool Gryphon

    The Beginner’s Guide To Gryphon
    Gryphon were a British progressive rock band of the 1970s, best known for their unusual Medieval sound and instrumentation.” Wikipedia

    Gryphon were formed in the early 70’s and consisted of:
    Richard Harvey, Multi-instrumentalist
    Brian Gulland,Woodwind player
    Graeme Taylor Guitarist
    Dave Oberlé. Drummer/percussionist

    Their first album was simply titled Gryphon and contained music which was English folk music with medieval and Renaissance influences. At this time, this was a rare and unusual mix ( At this time, world music was unheard of ).
    The music on this album was very different from the typical music of the day:

    • Album Gryphon Gryphon

    Kemp’s Jig:

    Sir Gavin Grimbold

    The initial success of the band was backed up by substantial touring and work for the BBC. Gryphon achieved a first here: They were the first “rock” band to appears on all four BBC stations……….not bad considering that BBC R 3 is a classical music only channel
    The success brought then to their second album:

    · Album Midnight Mushrumps (named after a phrase mentioned in The Tempest)

    This varied from the first album by having longer individual tracks and an overall theme.

    Below is but an extract to give some sort of feel

    The album is a medieval progressive rock album and has clearly influenced many others in the fields close to this.
    ( There is an excellent BBC session recording of this available on the album Cantabury Carol )

    Onwards and upwards to the album

    • · Album :Red Queen To Gryphon Three

    Here we begin to sense change in direction, there is less reliance on the medieval instrumentation and more of a progressive rock feel.
    Again there is a theme a medeval chess like game

    Opening move.

    • · Album Raindance

    Another excellent album ,this time with no real theme this time.

    The medieval feel is still there but there are more modern instruments used±

    Down the dog

    We reach 1977 , punk rock has hit the UK ……………..Gryphon move record labels and produce a fifth album

    • · Album Treason

    This is a lost treasure at the time of issue it bearly sold ………….I have only ever seen promotional copies and had to pay heavily for my copy. It was reissued several years back on CD and is a little bit more common .

    Spring Song

    Round and Around

    This was basically the end of the story

    Richard Harvey went on and produced many excellent if not obscure albums

    However in 2007 there were rumours of a revival and in 2009 Gryphon reformed to do at least one date in London

    Gryphon 2009 Live ……..Juniper Suite

    Double Dutch

    There are other compilations from gryphon worth a mention
    · The Collection Vol 1
    · The collection Vol 2
    · Glastonbury Carol
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    Now I know where you derived that peculiar name from! Also, I'm kind of embarassed that I've never even heard of this British band before. If your tendancies lie within the realms of progressive rock then I might be right to turn you on to another obscure prog rock band (scottish) called Bodkin. Only had one E.P released in '71 or '72 I think it was but the material is very good. Let me know if you need help locating the album.

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