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Just thought I'd drop you a update on what we've been up to over at


Recent updates on the site include interviews with West Coast guitar slinger KID RAMOS, crayzee Swiss punk-blueser REVEREND BEATMAN, and VULNERABLE THINGS frontman GUY BENNETT. plus all the usual CD REVIEWS, LIVE REVIEWS, FEATURES and of course all the gigs in the London area.

We've also put our money where our mouth is and launched out own RECORD LABEL, in order to put out some of the great music that we keep coming across.

The idea is to put out records by artists that fall within our broad approach, to present them in the best possible light, both collectively and individually, and to recapture the notion that 'Blues' doesn't have to be monochromatic.

So far we have three releases by two artists:

We've known Vulnerable Things for quiet a while now and have always been impressed by their ablility to combine a contemporary sensibilty with an obvious affection for, and understanding of, the blues greats. Their eponomously titled debut is an impressive collection of self-penned material that puts the emphasis on songwriting with a cohesive overall sound and which goes a long way towards proving blues can exist outside of the rather small box it's all too often stuffed into.

The album has already had a rave review in Blues Matters Magazine and they recently interviewed frontman G.P. Bennett for a future issue. They're a great band live too.

Eric Gebhardt has also been a Friend of Bluesinlondon for a while - since his "Blues $1.49" CD dropped though the letterbox back in October 2005 in fact. We loved it's wonky beauty and over time Eric came to be 'Our Man in Alabama' with his occasional articles about life as a struggling bluesman in and round his home town of Florence. We've made a deal with him to distribute both 'Blues $1.49' and his more recent 'Sir Redmouth' here in Europe.

There's more on the way so keep an eye out for new releases. You can read all about it in the article on Bluesinlondon.com:


or visit the Bluesinlondon Records website where you can hear sample tracks etc. - and buy the Albums!


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