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Thread: best ELVIS albums

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    Default best ELVIS albums

    because i couldnt pick an elvis presley album to put in my 'top 10 albums', from that thread, i thought i'd start a best of elvis thread:...again,in no particular order:

    1. sun sessions
    2. king creole (soundtrack)
    3. blue hawaii (soundtrack)
    4. moody blue
    5. thats the way it is (soundtrack)
    6. 100,000 elvis fans cant be wrong
    7. amazing grace-the complete gospel recordings
    8. christmas album (the one from the 1950's)
    9. from memphis...
    10. g.i. blues (soundtrack)

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    Other than compilations, the only one I've heard that I like is the '56 debut

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    All I have are compilations and some religious ones.
    Nothing bad on anything I have.
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    get elvis away from hollywood, for the most part, and his quality and delivery of those songs was exceptional

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    bit of elvis trivia for you all:

    jailhouse rock is the only song ever to debut on the uk charts at no.1 on 2 seperate occasions by the same artist, firstly in 1958,then again in 2005 when all of elvis' no.1's were reissued again to commemorate what would have been elvis' 70th birthday.

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