released August 24th, 2010

from the album - If Time Was For Wasting

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Shreveport, Louisiana native Dylan LeBlanc spent his formative years surrounded by some of the regions’ finest musicians (his father, singer/songwriter/guitarist James LeBlanc is a longtime Muscle Shoals session player). Dylan began writing his own songs at eleven, and by his late teens, had developed a soulful, bluesy voice and guitar style that resonated with the sights and sounds of his musical youth. He released Pauper’s Field, his smoky, languid, Townes Van Zandt and Fleet Foxes-inspired debut, on Rough Trade Records in 2010, at the ripe old age of nineteen.

album review

Dylan LeBlanc's Rough Trade debut aches with the kind world-weary angst and faux-wisdom that serves as the foundation for countless other confessional singer/songwriters. That the Louisiana native is only 20 years old will have some crying foul, but this son of a Muscle Shoals session player has grown up watching his mentors exorcize their demons through music, so why shouldn’t he? Pauper’s Field, a 12-track collection of slow, soulful country-folk, falls somewhere between Nick Drake, Jason Molina, Kelly Joe Phelps and Fleet Foxes. LeBlanc’s smoky, emotive voice carries with it the reluctant ardor of his southern homeland, and his tales of love, life, loss and death feel real enough, if not duly informed by a lot of late nights nursing a pilfered bottle of bourbon over a stack of Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt records. It’s hard to deny the thick fog of finger-picked, '70s soft rock that hangs over Pauper’s Field, but standout cuts — like the weepy “Emma Hartley,” “Low,” “Death of Outlaw Billy John,” and “If the Creek Don’t Rise,” the latter of which features effortless harmony vocals from none other than Emmylou Harris — show a great deal of promise, especially when this old soul, saddled with the weight of a young man’s preconceptions, finds those ideals both met and shattered.

Track Listing

1 Low LeBlanc 3:57
2 If Time Was for Wasting LeBlanc 4:44
3 If The Creek Don't Rise LeBlanc 3:24
4 Tuesday Night Rain LeBlanc 3:26
5 Emma Hartley LeBlanc 3:20
6 Ain't Too Good at Losing LeBlanc 4:10
7 Changing of the Seasons LeBlanc 4:06
8 5th Avenue Bar LeBlanc 3:41
9 On with the Night LeBlanc 3:34
10 Coyote Creek LeBlanc 5:03
11 Death of Outlaw Billy John LeBlanc 3:49
12 No Kind of Forgiveness LeBlanc 3:48