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    i think the small faces were and are still, very underrated as quality of songs go.
    their three albums 67-69... 'small faces' 'autumn stone' and 'ogdens nut gone flake', were in my opinion 3 if the best lps released in the 1960's.
    tracks like:

    tin soldier, get yourself together,afterglow,all or nothing,up the wooden hills to bedfordshire, red balloon,
    here comes the nice, universal. are brilliant songs, the rest of the album track were good also.

    yes, i left out itchicoo park and lazy sunday from that list cos they werent 'real' small faces songs, more oddities. but 'itchicoo park' is a classic too.

    how do you all feel about the small faces, i'll add more comment upon reading your thoughts

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    I like Ogden's, but am not very familiar with anything else they've done. Might have to investigate further...

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    i think steve marriot/ronnie lane were great songwriters. i dont know if you're familliar with tim hardin at all, they covered 2 of his songs that i know of (if there are more im sure someone here will advise)' red balloon' and 'if i were a carpenter'.
    although not the same as the stones musically speaking, they are the same as in you either liked them or you dont, seeing as u like 'ogdens' i'd say you are halfway there.
    the jam covered 'get yourself together'. paul weller covered 'tin soldier' but only as a live recording. there must be other covers of their songs out there, someone will advise of that hopefully too, for my benefit.
    i dont know if you remember paul wellers single 'hes the keeper', that was a tribute to ronnie lane.
    paul weller styled his guitar mannerisms on the small faces, mixed with a bit of townshend style.
    ive only really got into the small faces several years ago after seeing a documentary on them, and discovered there was more to them than 'lazy sunday' and 'itchicoo park'
    good luck with your search tiggi, hope you enjoy them as much as i do

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