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    i just purchased seaon 1 of the original star trek series on bluray. if youre into this series and have a bluray player i cannot reccomend it enough. full 5.1 sound, they have upgraded some of the effects like detail added to planets the enterprise passes, and some detail upgrades on ships, aliens etc.
    they have kept the phaser and transporter effects as they originally were to keep the authenticity of the original series.
    the episodes can be vieved in their original form or with the new effects.
    bonuses on each of the 7 discs include numerous interviews with the cast.

    all in all its well worth the purchase price, i'll be getting the second series next week, and cant wait for the release of the 3rd and final series to be released on bluray

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    Never been much of a Trekkie but the original series is kinda fun to watch, mainly because of Spock but I wouldn't go so far as to buying the complete Series on BluRay. There are way better series out there in space, the final frontier, where no man has gone before.

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    Default To Boldly Go....................

    I have all three of the first incarnation and the films........................Like Sgt Pepper they are of their time but fun to watch.....................Personally I like Red Dwarf !
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    for sure! there are a lot better sci-fi series out there, 'next generation' 'stargate' etc......but the original series of star trek is so 'corny' it is brilliant,
    and yes!, like 'sgt.peppers' it was a part of that era, like 'sgt.peppers' it opened doors for those that followed.

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