released August 24th, 2010

from the album - First Dance

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Never Shout Never is a one-man band featuring Christofer Drew, a Missouri native whose songs straddle the border between emo and acoustic singer/songwriter fare. A product of the digital age, Drew originally built a fan base by posting his bright, soul-baring music to the Internet. After averaging over 15,000 online plays a day, he made Never Shout Never legitimate in 2008 by releasing his first recording, the Yippee EP. The Hot Topic clothing chain featured Yippee in its stores, and an appearance on MTV's TRL helped promote it. Several months later, Drew entered the recording studio with veteran producer Butch Walker to record an eight-song "mini album," What Is Love?, which cracked the Top 40 upon its release in early 2010. A slightly longer release, Harmony, appeared several months later.

album review

Trading one Butch for another, Harmony finds teenage singer/songwriter Christopher Drew (aka Never Shout Never) jumping from producer Butch Walker to Butch Vig on his second album. With Vig behind the wheel, Harmony feels like a more polished affair, making the album brighter, slicker, and less reverby than Drew’s previous record, What Is Love? While the production has grown up, Drew still seems to be in the same place as a songwriter. Sugary lyrics like “And who would’ve thought that a cutie pie like you would have anything to do with a smelly dude like me” pour on the saccharine with their contrived cuteness. While these are the kind of lyrics one would expect from a teen-pop idol like Justin Bieber, they’re hard to accept from Drew, whose tattooed image seems to position him as an edgy, serious artist. Though Drew has proven that he has a good ear for melody, his over-sweetened lyrics rob the songs of any real emotional weight.

Track Listing

1 Harmony Drew 2:50
2 This S**t Getz Old Drew 2:31
3 Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater Drew 2:58
4 Lovesick Drew 2:36
5 Piggy Bank Drew 1:34
6 I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know Drew 2:33
7 First Dance Drew 2:09
8 Lousy Truth Drew 2:26
9 Trampoline Drew 2:24
10 Sweet Perfection Drew 2:18