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    Hi Guys,

    I am new here, and I have a project that I have developed as part of my Masters thesis which I wanted to show and request some feedback.

    Its called Music in Images

    This project presents a new approach towards algorithmic music composition where the music is composed using the pixel values of digital images.

    Application Info:
    The application makes use of image data, such as: pixel Color, Saturation, Brightness, and qualities like: Overall Image Brightness, Color Variation and Prominent Colors.

    Each of the above properties contribute towards composition of the music. The song attributes controlled by them include: Melody generation, Durations, Cord Generation, Chord Progression, Tempo,Scale and Transposition.

    The theory behind the translation of image attributes to music attributes is based on previous works done in the field of psychology, in the topic: perceptual associations of audio frequency and music modes with hue, saturation and brightness. In addition to this, there are certain translation techniques which are based on the my artistic sense.

    The analogy for Image to Music translation used here is:

    Pixels : Similar Color regions : Overall Image
    Notes : Chords : Scale

    You might find it interesting. Please do check it out here:

    This application works best for abstract images. It tends to produce calmer music with smoother images, or with less color/brightness variation, and more complex music with high variation images. The overall brightness also adds an effect on the music.

    I would really appreciate if you could give me your feedback on it.

    These are a few main questions I need answers on:

    1. You can try out different images and play them using the given instrument options. What are your impressions on the quality of the music produced ?

    2. If you are a musician, can this application be useful to you ?

    3. If you area a psychologist, do you think this application can be used for exploring relationships between images, computer generated music and human emotional interpretation?

    Feel free to add any other questions/ comments that you might like.


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    Quite interesting. The Dreambell's prety annoying though.

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    I love it Arjun. I think that the basic design is brilliant, and I am inspired to create new images just to see what type of results I can get. I think that the more options you can give the musician/photographer to alter dominant chord, speed/tempo, or instruments; the better. I will share this with my friends to see what other ideas come up. I really dig the concept, though. It is inspiring.

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    Very cool. I chose two different images. One was a graphic and it worked very well for that. The other, a photograph and it became kind of directionless after a bit. Also, if the cursor were bigger, it wouldn't take so long to go through the image...I think the dreambells gave me a headache Actually, I liked them with strings.
    Lovely idea and nicely done.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys! This project is still under development. I will be adding more instruments in the upcoming versions.

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