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Thread: What Makes You Laugh ??

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    Default What Makes You Laugh ??

    A few things/people that I find funny:

    - The idea of combining the desire to entertain with the infliction of self-damage: Jackass & their copyist hordes.

    - A number of stand-up comedians: Eddie Izzard & his hilarious stream of consciousness improvisations; Simon Amstell & his biting sarcasm; Bill Hicks' anti-establishment ranting; & Billy Connoly's sheer lust for life humour.

    - Fresh & unusual TV shows: Despite its' age, Monty Python's Flying Circus; Also despite its' age, Fawlty Towers; Sacha Baron Cohen's various uber-cringe-making shows; Rick Gervais' ditto (Watching the Extras Xmas special last night triggered this thread).

    - Quick wit: friends' rapid & side-splitting responses. My mate is very gifted in this department, & Oh how we laugh !!

    What do you find funny ???

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    This may seem a little trendy considering that the man just died (may he rest in peace), but George Carlin is probably my favorite comedian. His approach to comedy is full of misanthropic rants that I can relate to, as well as his way of presenting a ridiculous concept as if it were totally logical. I also really enjoy the spoken word of Henry Rollins, ex-singer of Black Flag. I've never really given Bill Hicks a try, but I've heard from a lot of intelligent people that he's really good.

    My favorite comedy is The Big Lebowski. I don't really like any comedy based TV shows.

    I also have a very close, special friend who I have feelings of intense affection for who can make me laugh more and more easily than anyone else.
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    Lots of things make me laugh. I especially like dark comedies.

    Generally I like anything Monty Pythonesque. Silliness just gets me.

    Love some of the dark comedy to be found in dramas such as Six Feet Under or Dead Like Me.

    Oh and Henry Rollins is a gem, isn't he? I saw him once doing his spoken word thing and he just kept me in stitches.
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    I love dark comedy and clever comments when used appropriately.

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    Black Books, hence Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran.

    Also my boyfriends unpredictable wit.

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    Off the top of my head - as far as 'comedians' go - Eddie Izzard, Mitchell and Webb, Dave Gorman.

    Comedy on TV - Never Mind The Buzzcocks -loved both Marl Lemarr and Simon Amstell -and throw in Bill Bailey. Also QI

    Films - Clerks - really most Kevin Smith -and Monty Python kids....they are 15 and 12 and as witty and deadpan as hell!

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    heyy there

    alot of things make me laugh i love laughing my friends make me laugh
    Comdiens .......but i guess lifes about living laughing .....anyways nice chatting to you hope i could be a help ... bye bye angis

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    I think comedy should be clever, well observed and most of all, honest. Ronnie Barker was the master of this as was Les Dawson. Modern comedians that rely on shock to provoke a laugh......Catherine Tate, some Little Britain et al leave me cold. There are a few newbies that have potential, but yet see any new masters.

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    ahhh..ok..I love comedy..otherwise it would suffer death..
    "never met a wiseman if so it's a woman!"

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    Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran are definitely my favourite comedians. Ross Noble is absolutely awesom too, saw him live a couple of years ago and nearly wet myself laughing lol! I like Lee Evans' comedy, but I have to listen rather than watch cos he sweats so much it makes my eyes water lol!!!

    My fiance is one of the funniest people I know, he knows how to make me laugh lol :-)

    My pets make me laugh - the cat chases the dog.

    I know its geeky, but little bits within music make me laugh. You know, when you hear someone having a joke when they're soloing, sticking little bits from other songs in etc. That really makes me smile :-)

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