released August 17th, 2010

from the album - The Inevitable Relapse

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Richard Patrick (vocals, guitars, bass, programming, drums) and Brian Liesegang (programming, guitars, keyboards, drums) both experimented with electronics early in their careers. Patrick was a member of the original touring incarnation of Nine Inch Nails. After NIN finished their lengthy first tour in the early '90s, Patrick and Liesegang met through a mutual friend and began to record industrial rock together. Their debut album, Short Bus, released on Reprise in 1995, was recorded by the two at a small house on the outskirts of Cleveland. Short Bus became a surprise hit, thanks to the MTV and alternative radio hit "Hey Man, Nice Shot"; by the end of the summer, the album had reached gold status. In order to tour behind the record, the duo recruited guitarist Geno Lenardo, bassist Frank Cavanaugh, and drummer Matt Walker. Liesegang departed in 1997 over creative differences, but Patrick retained the Filter name for 1999's Title of Record, which eventually went platinum and spawned another radio/MTV hit in the single "Take a Picture." The album also included new drummer Steve Gillis after Walker left to work with the Smashing Pumpkins. Filter's third album, The Amalgamut, followed three years later, after which the band went on a bit of a hiatus. Around 2005, Patrick announced the formation of a new band, Army of Anyone, which he created with former members of Stone Temple Pilots and David Lee Roth's touring band. However, Patrick did not abandon his original band — Filter returned in 2008 with Anthems for the Damned.

album review

Filter made tentative inroads toward age-appropriate rock on 2008’s politically charged Anthems for the Damned but they throw all that maturity out the window on their 2010 sequel, The Trouble with Angels. A full-blown return to the grinding ‘90s, The Trouble with Angels is all brickwalled guitars and vaguely menacing melodies supported by industrial rhythms given brawn by real drums. The real drums are a key here: the band doesn’t sound as sequenced and hemmed-in as it did in the past; there’s a messy, urgent pulse to the music. All the same, Trouble isn’t that far removed from Short Bus: Richard Patrick hints as much by opening the album with “The Inevitable Relapse,” a winking nod that this album is a slide back to the unfettered angst of 1995. The beat is bigger, the riffs are louder, but the song essentially remains the same.

Track Listing

1 The Inevitable Relapse Fineo, Marlette, Patrick ... 3:30
2 Drug Boy Marlette, Marlow, Patrick 3:47
3 Absentee Father Fineo, Marlette, Patrick ... 3:59
4 No Love Marlette, Marlow, Patrick 4:20
5 No Re-Entry Marlette, Patrick 5:40
6 Down with Me Marlette, Marlow, Patrick 3:53
7 Catch a Falling Knife Marlette, Patrick 4:03
8 The Trouble with Angels Marlette, Patrick 3:53
9 Clouds Marlette, Marlow, Patrick 3:33
10 Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel) Koser, Patrick, Wander 4:24