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    Social Science is a multimedia mélange of music, theatre and sheer spectacle, defined by a macrocosmic sound encompassing the very best of rock, jazz, folk and classical while shattering the boundaries between performer and participant.

    Social Science offers a series of bruised, yet defiant takes on 21st century living. Compositions swoop between dramatic, emotionally-charged instrumentations, to subtle, delicate numbers, each framed with musical finesse and poise.

    We don't fit in any one category, which category do you think we should post in? Sorry but we're too new to post a link to our music however the description above is quite good.

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    Had a listen - definitely different! Recording quality is great. Material is a little obscure for me. Sounds like something between early punk & Syd Barrett before he went off the rails. Lots of other influences as well. Very diverse material. You will no doubt find a following for this.

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