Hi, we are a new band out of Sydney Australia called Social Science. We would love to get feedback on our music and if you think it’s great, please become a fan! We will post links once we clear probation.

Social Science is a multimedia mélange of music, theatre and sheer spectacle, defined by a macrocosmic sound encompassing the very best of rock, jazz, folk and classical while shattering the boundaries between performer and participant. Social Science offers a series of bruised, yet defiant takes on 21st century living. Compositions swoop between dramatic, emotionally-charged instrumentations, to subtle, delicate numbers, each framed with musical finesse and poise.
Tunes are brought to life with rich sounds that are laden with memorable hooks and glimmers of quirkiness.
Social Science offers a truly post-modern live experience replete with orchestras, storytelling, animation and the perfect synthesis of light and shade in one setting. This exciting project is the vanguard of a new breed of expressive songwriters and performing artists. This is the realm of Social Science.