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Thread: Hi everyone, this is me...

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    Default Hi everyone, this is me...

    Hello All,

    My name is Jason Alan Johnson, obviously. I am a record producer. I have been active in the business for 13 years. I come from a very musical family that contained a few Motown artists, so I was exposed to music at a young age. I started piano at 6, then played drums in school. I began playing drumset professionally when I was 16 (as soon as I could drive to gigs). I attended the Music Business/Management program at Berklee College of Music. I got started in the business in 1997 promoting concerts. In 2000, I built my first commecial recording facility in Pittsburgh, PA. I recorded more albums than I can remember while in the studio business. In 2004, I left the studio business and founded an small organization called Art Beyond Audio. Art Beyond Audio is a music business concept, and is my life's work. In 2008, I wrote a book called "The Record Producer". I do not sell the book, nor do I sell any kind of service. I just want to spread the Art Beyond Audio philosophy, as I believe that it can dramatically improve the music of the world.

    I guess that's everything about me.

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    I would imagine there's a lot more .... - I really like the 'Art Beyond Audio' name. Touch of class. A lot of thought went into that one! Welcome to the forum - a gathering of music nuts and other assorted fruits!
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    Hello Jason, & welcome to MD.

    I've recently read Greg Milner's Perfecting Sound Forever. Are you familiar with it ??

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    Welcome to our home Jason

    nice resume
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
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    Wow thanks guys. Your compliment really means a lot to me Jerome. I have not read Perfecting Sound Forever, Tiggi, but I am checking it out right now. Maybe I'll pick up the kindle edition.

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