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Thread: AVANTASIA - Two New Albums

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    If you are a fan of hard rock / metal and you're unfamiliar with AVANTASIA, definitely check them out. AVANTASIA now has 7 albums out, with two new of them being released within the last few months. Avantasia is essentially Tobias Sammett from EDGUY with numerous special guest musicians and vocalists (many of whom you probably know) - for example, check out this fellow in the buret'...I think you'll recognize him by his voice if nothing else.

    Here is something a bit heavier from the same album with several guest vocalists:

    Avantasia runs the spectrum from pop-metal to some of the heaviest stuff out there with excellent musicianship displayed throughout.

    I thought I'd throw this one in for anyone who misses HELLOWEEN with Michael Kiske at the helm - it's another AVANTASIA song with soaring vocals and it's CRUISING!!!

    I'm a big fan of bands that change up tempos and feel dramatically within a song and from song to song; Tobias does it extremely well with Avantasia. My band, HEDDA, is certainly influenced by Avantasia in varying degrees - moreso in the song writing itself, than in overall tone.

    Enjoy, Mac - HEDDA
    "Stay Out Of Treble!"

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    Thought I'd add this video from an older album for those who like their rock a little more mainstream - as I stated above, Tobi runs the spectrum heavy to mellow.

    Comments anyone?
    "Stay Out Of Treble!"

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