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    the great maiden are touring australia in the new year as part of a festival tour, ive never seen them live and am wondering if they cut the mustard 'live' and what to expect of them as a live band.

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    I only saw them once in 1990 - but they were hugely enjoyable then and I definitely recommend seeing them live. They are great performers, really know how to work a crowd and they are excellent musicians and the atmosphere at Maiden gigs is truly intoxicating.

    Of course this is all based on one concert at the Oxford Apollo in 1990 but I have heard good reports from other people too.

    Oh, and I saw them at Donnington 1992 and they were good then also. Bit more impersonal, but that's festivals for you.

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    slayer,slash and the brilliant gaslight anthem r there 2.

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    Caught them on tour with dream Theatre this summer. still excellent as a live band, but i hate their newer material since X Factor or whatever. just not the same.

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