Cast, the harshly underrated British/Liverpudlian Indie or 'Britpop' band of the 1990s have finally reformed!

I personally thought they were one of the bands who would simply never reform; but miracles apparentley do happen . Their debut album 'All Change' is one of the best rock & roll albums I have ever heard. Sadly their following releases, while interesting & in parts brilliant don't match up simply because they lack the raw energy of the debut.

Even better they have announced their UK tour dates for this year! They happen to be playing Glasgow Barrowlands & I am going to see them live in November!

Anyone who hasn't heard of this band (most likely users from US) I strongly urge to check out their debut album 'All Change'- it's a cracker!

Heres a few tasters of their excellent music:

The latter is from their second album, 'Mother Nature Calls'.