I've been searching a lot on the internet lately, and i stepped upon a band called "Red Suburban". They are from Denmark, and that a bit odd, when progressive rock ain't that big in Denmark. The main export music industry is Metal (more or less). But I got to their myspace-page, and i listened to all of their tracks. Every single one. The funny thing is that they descided to upload one new song each week, and i have followed them all. It is progressive rock, kind a like porcupine tree, pink floyd, and moi caprice (if you don't know moi caprice, then check them out.

I was listening to the tracks and the shift between many kinds of music, from a bit metal, to really chill out. But the thing i thought you should listen to, while wearing some headphones are the 2 tracks; "Night, Show Me The Sun" and "Door #2"

Night show me the sun is about women, their power and their love. I had goosebumps all over my body the first time i heard it. Esspecially the ending. The way he sings those words are magnificent!

Door #2 is about, what had happent with us i we have chosen door #2 instead of #1?
I know this because i joined their group on facebook. But anyhow, this EP should, or so they say, have been recorded in their rehearsel room. I just think the sound is way to good for that.

So i would strongly suggest to that a listen to this band, cause i think i've fallen in love.
Unfortunetly i cant post a link, so try searching google and listen to the sound.

Does anybody else have that kind of feeling with other "underground" bands that they know, will turn out to become something big? Share, i'd love to hear it!