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    well from the username you can figure I'm a Radiohead Fan, well you'd be right cause their my favorite band of all time, love em to death

    I'm sort of a equal opportunity music lover i like all styles with the exception of mainstream rap (because of the ridiculous idea of being "gangsta"), But I'd say modern Folk and Folk-Rock is my favorite style right now

    currently I'm diggin some
    Iron & Wine
    Crystal Castles
    John Butler Trio
    Billy Joel
    Immortal Technique
    The Agonist
    and as always RADIOHEAD, to name a few

    on a personal note I'm Blaine, I'm 17 and live in Kentucky I hope to get to know some like-minded music lovers and find some new music

    now i need to go find my guitar cause I'm srsly needin to work on my Red Hot Chili Peppers cover (slow cheetah)

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    Hi Blaine, & welcome to MD.

    I'm quite a Radiohead fan myself, and got to see them live for the first time in London a couple of years ago. Brilliant gig, and they were using their awesome LED lighting rig.

    Music Head - one of our Administrators - is a Kentucky resident. Any relation ??

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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