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Thread: Cannot remember the name of the band.

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    Default Cannot remember the name of the band.

    Hello everyone

    Please help me find the name of the band. Actually I cannot remember the name of this band or even the title of a song. I can only remember that it was in 90's and i saw this video at 120 minutes MTV channel. I'll try to describe it. So, it was a band of 4 musiciants with black singer. They was playing something like funk-rock. Also i remember, they rode the elevator during all this video up and down. And the guitarist played the Parker guitar.
    Any opinions?

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    Sorry, can't help...

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    funk rock? 90s? Black singer?

    I don't know - Living Colour? Fishbone?

    Or maybe Black Grape?
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    No, they were not as well knows as Living Colour or Fishbone. I realy don't know if they have an album. Anyway thanks for your reply.

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