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Thread: Best Album Tracks / Album Versions / B Sides

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    Default Best Album Tracks / Album Versions / B Sides

    Well here is a new one that should interest you all . Well all have our favourite singles . But what about those tracks that were only ever featured on albums ? Or might have just made it to the B side . Or where the version on the Album is different to the single and you find much better .
    For me there are many and will take a number of postings to go through them all , but here is a few to start the ball rolling . PS: What is reliesed as singles does vary from country to country so what I mention is only as things stand in the UK . If any just happened to be reliesed as singles in other countries then so be it .

    The Village People / Citizens Of The World
    Get Away On Holiday
    I Wanna Shake Your Hand
    Manhattan Women / From the album "Go West"

    Duran Duran / Last Chance On The Stairway / From the Album "Rio"

    Paul Young / Iron Out The Rough Spots / Form the album "No Parlez"

    Human League / Only After Dark
    A Crow And A Baby
    W.X.J.L. Tonight / From the album "Travelogue
    Get Carter
    I Am The Law
    Seconds Of Your Time [B side though I forget what to] From the album "Dare"
    The Sign / Form the album Hysteria

    Here are just some to be going on with , but there will be more .

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    most of paul weller and oasis b-sides are brilliant, sometimes superior to the a-side they are with,theyre usually acoustic songs or cover versions

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