released July 13th, 2010

from the album - Odyssey

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Zoroaster was formed in the summer of 2003 by Brent Anderson (bass & vocals), Will Fiore (guitar & vocals), and Rod Fiore (drums), three former colleagues in the defunct group Terminal Doom Explosion who rediscovered their mutual interests in primal, concrete sludge-doom when they began rehearsing and performing on an almost nightly basis, in and around their native Atlanta, GA/ Influenced by heavy metal progenitors Black Sabbath, black metal founders like Venom and Celtic Frost, later-day doom disciples such as Sleep and Electric Wizard, and, naturally, Southern sludge masters like Eyehategod and Acid Bath, Zoroaster drew the attentions of Battle Kommand Records with their 2005 demo, which, after a few tweaks and improvements, was released as their debut eponymous mini-album the following year. Positive press soon led to the group's signing to Southern Lord for the release of their first full-length album, Dog Magic, in 2007, and their second long-player, Voice of Saturn, emerged two years later on their own Terminal Doom label. In 2010, the band continued their fusion of classic doom with psychedelic and shoe-gaze elements, releasing Matador on E1.

album review

Bands that favor "vintage metal sounds" have certainly become increasingly more prominent in the early 21st century. In other words, bands that rock vintage gear, have seriously studied the first six Black Sabbath albums, and for the most part look like something out of 1973 image-wise. And this description certainly fits Zoroaster. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Zoroaster like to call their style "psych metal," and after taking in their sophomore full-length, 2010's Matador, there's no denying the unmistakable trippy elements they inject into their metallic crunch. And that's not to say that Matador is a retro-fest from beginning to end, as tunes such as "Trident" include some unmistakable modern touches, such as the distorted, Al Jourgensen-esque lead vocal effects. Musically, however, such hard and heavy standouts as "D.N.R." and "Ancient Ones" are obviously rooted in the era of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. And despite only featuring three bandmembers (singer/guitarist Will Fiore, bassist/singer Brent Anderson, and drummer/percussionist Dan Scanlan), it's pretty darn impressive how a trio can create such a mammoth sound, as the lads certainly make some serious air move out of your speakers throughout Matador. While there's no denying that this fast-rising outfit is similar in its approach and sonics to such respected acts as Mastodon and the Melvins (specifically the slow yet potent guitar riff sludge), the overall "hugeness" that Zoroaster create is impressive especially when you consider how early they are into their career.

Track Listing

1 D.N.R. Zoroaster 6:25
2 Ancient Ones Zoroaster 3:34
3 Odyssey Zoroaster 5:37
4 Trident Zoroaster 3:38
5 Firewater Zoroaster 4:13
6 Old World Zoroaster 7:03
7 Black Hole Zoroaster 3:48
8 Odyssey II Zoroaster 3:00
9 Matador Zoroaster 7:33