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    Hi my name is thom i reside in glasgow irecently took up playing guitar and i am just in my infancy where playing but i do practice hard and i am improving
    i messed around with music when i was a younger man when i joined a few bands first band i was in was called Bonafide we were an 1980s electonick keyboard then i moved on to Distant Dayz (what an awful name ) which was 2 aging hippies me and a drummer we realy never got out of rehersal stages and then i moved on again forming Company of strangers this is where i did my first lyric writing and we had a few gigs and went our seperate ways last year i went to see a guy called Eoghan colgan and he awoke the music in me but problem was i could only sing and write lyrics so i went out and bought a guitar and well you will here the results looking foward to a wee look arond

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    Hi Thom,

    Welcome to MD, look forward to getting to know you.

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    Welcome to MD. Hope to see you around the boards.
    With Regards...


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