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    Hello my name is Geoff, 26 and have been living for music all my life.
    With a family who always put music first and all members owning a record collection of vinyl's tapes and cd's, I was brought into this fantastic world that is simply music.
    My musical taste is wide spread and hit's more or less every genre.
    An artist tro me is a special and very rare talent that only comes to the few who go on and have a long carrier in music and are influenced and creative to many different styles.
    One artist in particular who inspires me every day of my life is Celine Dion.
    Celine Dion has now been recording and performed all over the world for the past thirty year's.
    200 million sales under her belt which to Celine was not the mission, The canadian girl wanted a stage and a audience to perform in frount of, the rest of what happened is history and Celine Dion has become the most sucssesful female singer of all time.
    My musical taste will hit on Pop, Rock, R'nB, Soul, Indie, Electro, Dance, latin, francophone, country.
    I believe to love music the way i do, you need to be open to what's out there and experience everything that music is.

    Thank you for this welcome.

    passionate music guru working within the hairdressing industry.

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    Hi Geoff/Gerald/Fitz/whatever, and welcome to MD.

    I'm with you that any form of music can be wonderful.

    We can certainly use music gurus, not so sure about the hairdressing, though...

    Hope you enjoy the site

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