released July 6th, 2010

from the album - Drop That Azz

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New Orleans-based gangsta rapper Juvenile was born Terius Gray. After beginning his performing career while in his teens, he released a 1995 album on Warlock titled Being Myself. He eventually crossed paths with Cash Money label owners Ronald "Suga Slim" and Brian "Baby" Williams, who issued 1996's Solja Rags; the album became a major underground hit, and set the stage for the release of 1998's 400 Degreez. In 1999, with Juvenile's popularity growing, Solja Rags was reissued nationally, and Warlock jumped on the bandwagon with a remixed version of Being Myself. The year ended with the release of a new studio effort, Tha G-Code, followed by Project English two years later in 2001. In 2002 he left Cash Money and formed his own collective, the UTP Playas (Uptown Project Playas), with whom he recorded a posse album, The Compilation. The album went nowhere and a year later he was back on Cash Money and releasing Juve the Great, which featured the chart-topping hit "Slow Motion." The 2005 "Noila Clap" single from the UTP Playas was another big track, and Juvenile was ready once again to shop for a new label. As he was signing a new contract with Asylum, his Slidell, LA, home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane and its grim aftermath were hot topics on his chart-topping 2006 album Reality Check. His next two albums — Cocky & Confident (2009) and Beast Mode (2010) - featured much lighter material.

album review

Juvenile’s idea of entering “beast mode” has little to do with ninja-styled lyrics. When Juvy enters “beast mode” he’s a Dirty South version of Flo Rida offering plentiful hooks and club bangers, but without radio-endorsed folks like Kesha. No glitz, just gutter is the message of the opening “Go Hard or Go Home,” and with the nasty booty worship of track two being followed by the aggressive machismo/misogyny of track three, Juvy proves he’s proud to frontload his morally reprehensible material. “La La La La La” shows he’s not without charm, as clever lines (“I’m so far ahead it feel like I already been ya”) get dropped between the weed boasts (“I’m smokin’ that good, I’m smokin’ that kush/You smokin’ that brown, you on that wretched bush”), and from here it’s a wild ride through the night, past strip clubs (the “Whisper Song”-like “Pussy Kat”), bars (the instant party starter “Drinks on Me”), and Juvy’s own pad (“I’m Da Man”), which sounds like a Diddy-meets-Too Short-styled crib. It’s all in the hedonistic spirit of his 2009 effort Cocky & Confident, but proper tweaks have been made, including a minimum of guest stars so the man's punch lines aren’t overshadowed, plus a lean track list so even the casual fan remains interested. Don’t expect a “Slow Motion”-big hit or the thoughtfulness of Reality Check, but if you want a right-sized, Southern-fried soundtrack to getting your swag on, Beast Mode has got you covered.

Track Listing

1 Go Hard or Go Home Gray, Welcome 2:36
2 Drop That Azz Gray, Smith 3:42
3 Bitch Instructions Gray, Welcome 3:17
4 La La La La La Gray, Welcome 3:20
5 I'm Da Man Gray, Welcome 3:30
6 Nothing Like Me Gray, Gray, Smith 4:35
7 No Team Freeman, Gray 3:24
8 Drinks on Me Gray, Rogers 4:04
9 Pussy Kat Gray, Tupolo 3:13
10 Where They Do That At Edwards, Gray 3:35
11 Lights, Camera, Action Gray, Welcome 3:12