Agent Fresco

From Iceland

Complex, crafted songs, overtly skilled musicians, frequent rhythm changes; an impeccable performance every time, all the time. Sounds boring as ****, right? Well. Yes. In the hands of most of your average group of overtly trained, ambitious musicians-slash-music scholars, the results of such a mix would almost certainly amount to an abysmal free jazz explosion of all things scaled, stylized and lifeless. Not for Agent Fresco, though. Hell no.

In the years since Agent Fresco came together (way back in ’08), the group of young, overtly enthusiastic musicians has managed to thoroughly make their mark on the already vibrant Icelandic rock scene, making countless friends and fans galore through tireless concert-action and some truly memorable songs.

Initially a loosely knit group of friends Agent Fresco was formed in early 2008, with the goal of competing in Músíktilraunir (Iceland’s well established and important ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest –previous winners usually go rather far; they include such notable acts as Mínus, Bellatrix and Jakobínarína). Just weeks later, the band accepted the competition’s grand prize, as well as individual awards for ‘best drummer’, ‘best guitarist’ and ‘best bassist’. A mighty buzz was afoot, the flames of which they fanned throughout 2008 by playing countless shows at pretty much any locale that could fit them.

The results of their relentless assault on the Icelandic music scene were very evident at their set at Iceland Airwaves 2008, where the band managed to induce a singalong with the whole of very packed, cap. 800 club NASA during ‘Kerrang! night’. Without a single release to their name. The crowded club closed its collective eyes and sang along to ‘Eyes of a Cloud Catcher’, earning the band a thoroughly deserved ‘KKKKK’ rating from Kerrang! Released shortly thereafter, their début EP won instant praise from Iceland’s music media, scoring the highest available marks near everywhere (see press kit for a list of reviews, as well as a fabled Kraumur Award). As it should have – ‘Lightbulb Universe’ is a moving piece of music, fit for outrage as well as introspection. As well as all the rave reviews and sales, the band also received the “Brightest hope” award at the 2008 Icelandic Music Awards.

Now working on their first full-length, Agent Fresco are a band with a mission, one that will without a doubt touch the lives of many music-lover in the not too distant future. For theirs is the future.