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    Default Hello World!

    Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself to the community.
    I've sort of lurked around for a little while before becoming a member and today I just decided to take the plunge haha. I suppose this is where I give you a little rundown of who I am (sorry I suck at these threads):
    I am 18 and male
    I've spent time doing session studio work as part of my recently passed sound eng course where I specialised in windows based TOFT studios, which was fun but I don't think i'll be making a career from it haha.
    I've recently turned my hand at writing a blog (which I can't post due to my probationary period).
    I literally live and breathe music, everything from Bach to Rusko, Chet Baker to Belie My Burial. Although the metal style genres I have a particular favourite for.
    Lastly I play bass for a 5 piece metal outfit with my closest friends (another link I'd love to share but can't due to my probationary period but when I'm done you'll probably see them in my signature :P )

    Anyway I think thats enough information to share, if you want my bank details just ask haha.

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    Cool Welcome to MD

    No need to give your bank details .........................but, if I give you my account number you can pay a nice big sum into my bank account !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only kidding !!..............Welcome to MD ..........hope you enjoy what we have to offer...............
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

    It's a mixed up sensation this being alive
    Oh! it wears a man down into the ground
    It's the strangest elation
    I can't describe it
    Oh it leaves a man weary
    It makes a man frown.
    .............................Chris Simpson ( "Mixed Up Sensations" 1975 Martin's Cafe )

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    Hi Mr Drum, & welcome to MD.

    Hope you enjoy the site.

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    Welcome to the machine
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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