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Thread: Do people still make compilations????????

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    Default Do people still make compilations????????

    I have been working on a few compilation CDs for some friends and it set me to wondering people still do this? and if so what do you put on them?
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    I haven't made one for ages. The last ones were burned to CD, and occasionally get used if we're entertaining guests. Background only, of course...

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    I don't think many people still make compilation CD's, but playlists are still widely used and have replaced the conventional compilation.

    I personally use playlists all the time. You always need that perfect soundtrack when you have friends or loved one's over.

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    Actually, I do frequently make CD mixes for road trips although most of them are done from my computer. True, using an iPod is more conventional since you would have a good selection of tunes, but I enjoy the quality of CDs as opposed to electronic media.
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