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Thread: 1 year Michael Jackson

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    Default 1 year Michael Jackson

    Ok, its sad when anyone dies, but has anyone else found the extent of the coverage of the fact that its been one year since he died kinda scary and morbid? for example, his children are on the beach having fun and living their lives, as they should, and remebering him in their own way, and the press are running coverage of the thousands of fans gathered.

    I am not sure if i can find all the words to explain what i mean here, but, millions of people and more than one "artist" die each year, and generally, none of them get the hype that this has.
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    His artistic influence was...ridiculously influential.

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    what he lacked of in personality, he made up for in his music, dancing and live performances, he will always be remembered as 'the king of pop'

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    I wonder if anyone is trying to start some 'Post-Pop' genre. Seems 'Post' is being tagged onto everything else now.

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    elvis? post-army? post-hollywood? post-death?

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