released June 22nd, 2010

from the album - Pop The Glock

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With her girlishly playful yet stiff delivery, her raunchy lyrics, and the spare electro beats that surround them, Uffie draws comparisons to female MCs of the '80s like the ladies of L'Trimm and Salt-N-Pepa. Born Anna-Catherine Hartley in Miami, FL, Uffie moved a lot during her childhood, living in places including Hong Kong and Fort Lauderdale; by the time she was 15, she and her father had settled in Paris. She became involved in the city's dance music scene after dating DJ Feadz (whom she met when she booked him for a party). The pair began making music together and released their songs via Uffie's MySpace page starting in 2005. The following year her first single, Pop the Glock/Ready to Uff, was given a limited-edition release by the Arcade Mode label before one of France's most prominent dance labels, Ed Banger, distributed it more widely. The A-side was produced by Feadz, while the B-side was produced by Mr. Oizo, on whose "Half an Edit" Uffie appeared later that year. Hot Chick/In Charge leaked to blogs before its official 2006 release, building the buzz around her music and image. In 2007 Uffie made a cameo on Justice's "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy," which appeared on their debut album, Cross; contributed the song "Dismissed" to the Ed Banger compilation Ed Rec, Vol. 2; and released the 12" single F1rst Love/Brand New Car. Her first full-length album was expected in 2008.

album review

With production from respected indie dance names like Feadz, Mr. Oizo, Mirwais, and SebastiAn, Uffie’s long-delayed debut looks to be filled with excitement, but rarely has an album sounded so unconcerned. If this is the dawn of Lazy Electro Hip-Hop, then the vocodered “Pop the Glock” is at the forefront, dragging its feet across the dancefloor while MC Uffie offers “Sound like Twista/Fast as hell,” setting off an irony bomb that could destroy half the planet. Hearing her fragile and cute voice rap nuggets like “When I rock the party you bust a nut” is the indie-meets-Kesha allure of Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, and it is milked right up until “MCs Can Kiss” comes along to add some much needed uplift, and then “Hong Kong Garden” brings the clever with its Siouxsie and the Banshees sample. Not enough here to interest anyone past the Ed Banger addict or electro fetishist, but even Uffie herself is on top of this limited appeal, slowly enunciating "I never claimed to be an artist/I can't even sing you know" on “Our Song” and hitting the nail on the head during “Art of Uff” with the befuddled and clumsy “Me and my stupid flow/Me and stupid MySpace there’s only three new tracks a year/And they still talk about me/Damn!”

Track Listing

1 Pop the Glock Hartley, Mattar, Pianta 3:30
2 Art of Uff Dupieux, Hartley, Pianta 3:05
3 ADD SUV Ahmadzai, Hartley, Williams 3:29
4 Give It Away Mattar, Pianta 3:19
5 MCs Can Kiss Dupieux, Pianta 3:08
6 Difficult Akchote, Pianta 2:55
7 First Love Dupieux, Hartley, Pianta 4:57
8 Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans Reed 2:36
9 Our Song Dupieux, Pianta 3:18
10 Illusion of Love Ahmadzai, Hartley, Safer 5:18
11 Neuneu Dupieux, Pianta 2:30
12 Brand New Car Pianta 3:19
13 Hong Kong Garden Bailey, Ballion, McKay 2:19
14 Ricky Mattar, Pianta 4:12