released June 22nd, 2010

from the album - Careless

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Formerly the driving force behind Weeping Tile, Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah Harmer began her solo career in 1999 playing dates with the Indigo Girls, Great Big Sea, and Moxy Fruvous. Harmer's first album outside of Weeping Tile was a tribute to her father titled Songs for Clem. Credited to Harmer and Jason Euringer, the folksy album was released independently by Harmer, but was eventually given wider release by Universal Canada. Her proper debut album, You Were Here, was released in mid-2000 by Zoe Records, and showed a polished, more mature side to her music than her work with her former band. It wasn't until 2004 that Harmer returned with a follow-up, All of Our Names, while in 2006 she explored her country and bluegrass side in I'm a Mountain, which garnered the singer three Juno Award nominations. 2010 saw the release of her fifth album, Oh Little Fire, which features guest appearances from Neko Case, Julie Fader and James Shaw (Metric).

album review

In the five years between I’m a Mountain (2005) and Oh Little Fire (2010), acclaimed Canadian songstress Sarah Harmer has kept busy with a combination of environmental activism and guest appearances on albums from the likes of Blue Rodeo, the Weakerthans, Bruce Cockburn, Great Big Sea, and Neko Case, the latter of whom returns the favor on Oh Little Fire. Harmer's winning blend of country, folk, and indie pop is propelled, in part, by her even, expressive tenor, which comes off as a well-maintained bridge between Suzanne Vega and Leslie Feist. Likable and accessible, it would be easy to write her off as just another capable singer/songwriter in an industry stuffed to the rafters with capable singer/songwriters, were it not for her ability to take a simple melody and turn it into something special. Oh Little Fire is filled with those moments, whether it’s the delayed “t” at the end of the word light on the driving single “Captive,” the damp, dirt-road pacing of “Washington,” or the way she and Case wrap their voices around “Silverado” like two sisters on the back of covered wagon. It’s a subtle record to be sure, but one that rewards those who are willing to take the time to let it enter the bloodstream.

Track Listing

1 The Thief Harmer 3:25
2 Captive Harmer 2:33
3 New Loneliness Harmer 3:14
4 One Match Harmer 3:12
5 Careless Harmer 3:55
6 Washington Harmer 3:46
7 Late Bloomer Harmer 4:09
8 The City Harmer 2:30
9 Silverado Henderson 2:41
10 The Marble in Your Eye Harmer 2:43
11 It Will Sail Harmer 1:59