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    Default Al Stewart

    The Beginners Guide To Al Stewart

    Scottish born Al Stewart, is one of the UK folk scenes most celebrated artists. He was raised in Southern England but, quickly made his way to London in the mid sixties to attempt to further his career. It is claimed that during this time he shared a flat with one Paul Simon and the two have supposedly influence each other’s styles. Later in his life Al, moved to Chilcot near Stratford on Avon and this phase of his life was the seed for many of his autobiographical songs.
    On his first few albums, Al is clearly a folk based singer song writer, whose works include, the usual themes of love, his environment , life and people. It is noticeable in his early work, that he has a superb command of the English language , an eye for detail and that his songs are clearly well thought out and researched. Al is an excellent classical style guitarist and many people are amazed when seeing him live, as to how he can deliver such a full performance with only a few musicians on the stage.
    However, it is not until Al album “Zero She Flies” that his real unique style comes to the fore: it is with the song “Manuscript” that Al firsts becomes the documentary historian whose songs are based on meticulous research and historical detail. It is this that marks Al Stewart out as a giant among song writers………………………………..

    And to where to begin ?

    Al is most famous for one album : Year of the Cat and for many people that would be not only their starting point , but also their ending point……

    Starting point for the casual browser:

    YeaYear Of The Cat…………………Al Stewart
    ( This is a excellent album but shows Al in a more commercial light ………)

    For the Journeyman:

    Starting point:

    Chronicles ……………………....Al Stewart
    ( A compilation which shows a more representative Al Stewart ………..)

    Further Listening

    This section too is split:
    To see the folk artist:
    To Whom It May Concern………………Al Stewart
    ( A revised compilation of the first three albums )
    To see more of the commercial Al Stewart:
    · Time Passages
    The Journeyman may pick:

    Pas Past Present and Future.

    Videos :

    The 1966 beginning………….The Elf
    Commercial success……………..Year Of The Cat
    The Beginings Of The Documentary historical style
    Documenting The World War One fighter pilots and at his best: live

    · Al Stewart: True Life Adventures of a Folk Troubadour by Neville Judd


    Al Stewart - Live [DVD]

    Al remains active to this day , some of his later offerings are well worth a listen

    • Last Days Of The Century

    • ·Between The Wars

    • Famous Last Words
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    excellent, thanks
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    I only recentley discovered this artist by mistake. Couldnt believe I'd never heard of him before! Year Of The Cat is a great album but there is another called '24 Carrots' which is just amazing. Quality artist & plan on exploring more of his music.

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